BRICSTX Cryptocurrency Exchange

An efficient & easy exchange for beginners & expert crypto enthusiasts. Also one of the first Exchanges chosen to list BRICSTether,an alternative to USDTether.

What’s BRICSTX Exchange

BRICS is an acronym used to describe the five major emerging economies in the world: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These countries are considered to be among the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world and have a significant impact on the global economy.

The idea of BRICS as a group was first introduced in 2001 by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill. Since then, BRICS has become a widely recognized term, and the five countries have established a formal organization known as the BRICS Summit to promote cooperation and coordination among the member states.

One of the key strengths of BRICS is the large and growing size of their economies. Combined, the five countries account for over 40% of the world’s population and around 24% of the global GDP. Additionally, these countries are projected to continue to grow at a fast pace in the coming years, which will further increase their economic influence

Benefits of Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency operates on a decentralized system, which eliminates the need for intermediaries and reduces the risk of fraud.


Cryptocurrency operates on a decentralized system, which eliminates the need for intermediaries and reduces the risk of fraud.


Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to secure transactions, which helps to prevent fraud and hacking


Cryptocurrency uses cryptography to secure transactions, which helps to prevent fraud and hacking


Cryptocurrency transactions are private, as users' identities are protected by cryptography.


Cryptocurrency transactions are private, as users' identities are protected by cryptography.


Cryptocurrency transactions are generally less expensive than traditional banking transactions, as there are no intermediaries involved.


Cryptocurrency transactions are generally less expensive than traditional banking transactions, as there are no intermediaries involved.

How Cryptocurrency Works

Cryptocurrency operates on a decentralized system, meaning there is no central authority that controls the flow of funds. Transactions are recorded on a public ledger called the blockchain, which is a secure and tamper-proof record of all transactions. The blockchain is maintained by a network of computers, known as nodes, that validate and record each transaction. This eliminates the need for intermediaries such as banks, which reduces the risk of fraud and increases security.

One of the key features of cryptocurrency is its use of cryptography. Cryptography is the practice of secure communication, which helps to protect the privacy of transactions. Cryptocurrency uses a combination of public and private keys to ensure the security of transactions. Public keys are used to identify a user’s account, while private keys are used to sign transactions and ensure that only the owner of the account can make transactions.


BRICSTether is a new stablecoin to launch shortly, which is planned to eventually be weighted to a basic of BRIC Nations currencies, but initially 1 BRICST will be pegged to 7 Chinese Yuan. It will be asset backed in fiat, crypto,bonds, gold,silver and real estate.

It couldn’t launch soon enough for some, especially Russians and other nations being sanctioned or losing faith in the USD. Binance recently announced its no longer going to allow Russians to buy USDT, so BRICST is expected to fill the gap for Russians, but also many BRICSPlus nations, not to mention many that are concerned re the fall of the USD. As the world shifts away from the Us dominated unipolar world, a multipolar world will see a search for alternative currencies for settling international trades. It’s expected many non Western countries will seek to utilise BRICST to support its growth to ensure alternative cross border settlements can occur inexpensively, outside the USD.

BRICST will list on a small number of exchanges to start with and expand as its ramps up its operations.

BRICSTXchange also is set to launch to be one of the main exchanges to handle BRICS transactions.


Earn by Staking

BRICST will pay holders by staking coins. Holders will earn a 5% interest for staking their coins for 90 days or longer, and 10% for 12 months or longer.


As a currency pegged to the BRICS Plus currency basket, BRICST provides a stable and secure platform for transactions and investments. B


BRICST is built on a decentralized platform that uses cutting-edge security protocols to protect users' assets.


BRICST is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all. Transactions can be processed quickly and easily using a variety


BRICST is a highly liquid currency, which means that it is easy to buy and sell. This makes it an ideal choice for businesses and investors who want to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise


BRICST is built on a transparent and auditable platform, which ensures that all transactions are fully visible and accessible to all users. This helps to promote accountability and trust in the currency

BRICST is in the process of applying for relevant licensing for certain jurisdictions.

You can pre purchase BRICSTETHER currently only from BRICSTXchange

You can purchase with crypto

BRICSTX will provide manual buy backs of BRICST for any pre sales, before official launch of BRICSX

You can currently only purchase BRICST here with Crypto

Once the licensing is finalised for accepting fiat currency and credit and debit cards you can then purchase with fiat. However you can receive currently free BRICSTether by making a donation to the BRICS Foundation

You can be issued your BRICST within days of pre purchasing

Early Mover Advantage

The early mover advantage in the cryptocurrency space refers to the potential benefits that early adopters of cryptocurrencies can gain over time. This advantage can manifest in several ways, such as increased returns on investment, greater exposure to new and innovative cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, and a greater understanding of the technology and its applications.

One of the primary benefits of being an early mover in the cryptocurrency space is the potential for high returns on investment. Cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new and untested asset class, which means that their prices can be highly volatile. This presents an opportunity for early adopters to make significant gains, especially if they are able to identify promising cryptocurrencies and invest in them before they become widely known.

To purchase Crypto with Fiat we accept bank transfers from most countries

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Frequently Asked Questions

It will be largely asset backed by fiat currency of BRICS nations, largely the Chinese Yuan. It also will hold smaller properties of the top 5 major fiat currencies included EURO & some USD. It also will hold up to a 33% proportion in other crypto currencies,mostly the top 10,along with Gold,silver and some other commodities. It will have some proportion in real estate assets,and an allocation for select investments into BRICSPlus nations.

It is similar in many ways, however many wish to reduce their exposure & risk from the inflated USD, and also realise the BRICS nations are growing and will become a dominant force in a néw multipolar world.Especially as Globalisation & centralisation is now in reverse since interrupted supply chains during the Covid pandemic.

Also BRICST will be far more transparent. It will provide quarterly asset allocation updates

Yes accounting firms will audit the asset holdings & BRICST will provide quarterly updates of its assets and allocation split.
Yes you can . Currently 5% pa if staked for 90 days or longer and 10% pa if staked for 12 months or longer

All cryptocurrencies carry risk, however a stablecoin,especially one largely fiat backed is perhaps the safest of all cryptos.

You can buy and sell it off any exchange it will be listed on.Initially it’s listed on BRICSTX,but other exchanges are patiently waiting to also list it.

Depending on the exchanges – some you can,some only with crypto or USDT

However you can use bank transfer from most major currencies to purchase it via BRICSTX

No it’s not a Government Digital Currency.
We find most crypto users aren’t fond of Government backed crypto currencies or CBDC’s planned by Central Banks

However the BRICST is establishing an advisory committee where each BRICS plus nation,& other selected countries will be allocated a representative seat to advise on their needs and opportunities for BRICST to be a more suitable reserve currency for settlement of trades,commerce or holding of funds as an alternative to the USD or US banks. These banks often carry the risk of sanctions,or freezing of funds of nations who refuse to abide by a uni polar one world Western dominant ideology

Initially to the Chinese Yuan.1 BRICST will be pegged to 7 Yuan.

That’s approximately $1USD as of early 2023

Yes, BRICST is a legal cryptocurrency that operates under the laws of the countries where it is used.

The minimum investment in BRICST depends on the exchange or platform where you purchase it. Typically, there is no minimum investment.

The value of BRICST is determined by the market demand and supply, as well as the value of the currencies in the basket.

Yes, you can convert BRICST to any fiat currency through an exchange that supports BRICST.


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Tokens are strictly nonrefundable. If you purchase by credit card you agree to never request a merchant chargeback.

You should only purchase tokens with money you can afford to lose. You will be emailed a confirmation of your order. Please check junk box

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Sophisticated Investors can apply to purchase shares in BRICST