Says Its Plans to Become a Privacy Coin Appear to be Warranted with Blackrocks Move to Try and Take Over BTC Crypto Power Grab Under Way as Blackrock, Banksters Plot to Hijack Bitcoin

The big banks have come to realize they can’t destroy crypto, so they’re trying to take it over instead. Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF is about to be approved, and Fidelity is already allowing customers to buy and hold Bitcoin.

But these deployments don’t give customers control over the cryptography keys of the coins they think they hold. How do we know Blackrock or Fidelity are being honest? Or other big banks?

Even worse, they will likely try to take over Bitcoin in the near future, perhaps forking it into a Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) structure that is tailor-made for the wealthy banksters to monopolize control.

This is being set up to guarantee bankster monopoly control over crypto (and why privacy coins will be so vital for protecting assets in the years ahead).

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