BRICSTether is Set to Launch as an Alternative to the USD, and USDTether, as Many Flee the Collapsing US Banking System

BRICSTether is set to launch, as the US banking system is imploding, & the USD dominance is waning.
With the US banking system imploding, & record withdrawals, up to $94 billion alone in recent weeks, deposit holders are desperately searching for alternatives, to place their savings & investment funds. Stablecoins that are 100% asset-backed, including Gold, Silver, cash & crypto are in demand. A perfect time for BRICSTether to launch, especially for those wary of using USD-backed tethers like USDT or USDC, the two biggest ones. Can BRICSTether rival USDT? With the BRICS Nations’ support, it could happen rapidly, not to mention the 10%pa returns for staking. Who wants to risk their money in a bank anymore for almost zero returns, whilst Bank Executives take a high risk on depositor’s monies to boost their bonuses, then expect taxpayer bailouts when things go wrong?

The BRICS plus nations have often spoken about creating an alternative currency, to settle trades or even escape sanctions, often imposed by the West, for some time now.BRICSTether has recently been established, to be an alternative currency, a 100% asset-backed stablecoin. It now means companies and entire countries could utilise BRICSTether, with low cost, and almost instant payments Globally. BRICSTether is doing a low-key listing on a mid-tier exchange,, on March 31st,2023, to test its systems, before expanding its volume and the number of exchanges that are waiting to have it listed on. USDTether has grown to be worth $74 billion, despite it being, potentially, only 66% asset backed, and reluctant to provide audits. BRICSTether is 100% asset-backed and will provide quarterly audited updates of its asset allocation and position.To reduce the risk that banks are facing in both the US and now Europe, which saw SVB collapse recently, and USDC lose its peg to the USD briefly, after it lost $3billion in the SVB collapse, BRICSTether will hold Gold, Silver, Cash, Crypto, Real Estate, some stocks, and bonds.

It will be pegged to 7 Chinese Yuan (approximately $1 USD currently)

Many investors and savers are panicking about holding all their cash in the failing US and European banks, (especially as banks have often only 6%, or less of the assets available to pay out due to the fractional reserve banking system), and depositors are shifting to Gold and Crypto for safety. Stablecoins, that are asset-backed, are typically safer cryptocurrencies and are becoming very popular. BRICSTether is also offering 5% pa, for anyone staking their coins for 90 days or more, and 10% if staked for 12 months or more, according to its website This makes it not only safer than banks that have only 6% reserve backing or less, with 100% asset backing but much higher returns than the paltry amounts of high risk-taking banks offer. 

The Global Economic Forum also endorses the new BRICSTether that’s launching as an alternative to the US Central Banking System, said a recent Press Release by the Organisation, set up to be an alternative to WEF forum, which is run by Klaus Schwab, and other billionaire Western elites.

It went on to say that the USD dollar dominance is drawing to a close, due to the abuse of their system of printing endless money, exporting inflation to the world, and often funding the US military to bully the world, with some suggesting starting endless wars, including the Ukraine / Russian conflict and trying to provoke China over Taiwan.

Fintech and crypto are key, to creating better systems to provide alternative ways of transacting globally, outside the imploding US financial system, it went on to say.

 The BRICS nations have been wanting for years to create their own currency, and some have said the new BRICSTether, if it garners sufficient support, could become one of several new ways to bypass the US SWIFT system. Both Russia and China are keen to no longer rely on the U.S. Swift system, as are most BRIC nations.

To access BRICSTether, it lists March 31st,2023 on exchange. Or if you donate to the BRICS Foundation behind it, at, they will gift you BRICSTether equal to your donation, its website said, and its custodian guarantees to buy back any BRICSTether at its peg of 7 Chinese Yuan ($1 USD approximately)