ALL BRICKED UP: Multipolar March Continues at Full Steam as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) OVERTAKE Rich and Warmongering Group of 7 (G7) Countries Led by US

By BRICSTether

ALL BRICKED UP: Multipolar march continues at full steam as BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) OVERTAKE rich and warmongering Group of 7 (G7) countries led by the US, with 31.5% of world GDP now coming from BRICS while G7 contributes 30.7%.

Washington worried sick as BRICS projected to get even stronger, with Indian and Chinese economies resiliently growing while over DOZEN states want to join organization and show the US.

US hegemony is a thing of the past as the multipolar world goes from strength to strength.


BRICSTether is a new stablecoin to launch shortly, which is planned to eventually be weighted to a basic of BRIC Nations currencies, but initially, 1 BRICST will be pegged to 7 Chinese Yuan. It will be asset-backed in fiat, crypto, bonds, gold, silver, and real estate.

It couldn’t launch soon enough for some, especially Russians and other nations, being sanctioned or losing faith in the USD. Binance recently announced it’s no longer going to allow Russians to buy USDT, so BRICST is expected to fill the gap for Russians, but also many BRICSPlus nations, not to mention many that are concerned re the fall of the USD. As the world shifts away from the US-dominated unipolar world, a multipolar world will see a search for alternative currencies for settling international trades. It’s expected many non-Western countries will seek to utilise BRICST to support its growth to ensure alternative cross-border settlements can occur inexpensively, outside the USD

BRICST will list a small number of exchanges to start with and expand as it ramps up its operations.

BRICSTXchange also is set to launch to be one of the main exchanges to handle BRICS transactions.


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