BRICS 2023 Summit Key Takeaways, Day 1 Overview and Future Goals

By Lena Petrova, CPA – Finance, Economics & Tax

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Good job, Lena. Very concise and to the point and a remarkably clear presentation of some of the participants of the BRICS’s members which should strike the listener/viewer with the notion that they mean business. I was particularly impressed by the host’s speech, Ramaphosa, statements that he wants the African countries to participate not as just a supplier of commodities but as full-fledged members of end-product producers from those basic commodities. Their desire to end colonial theft of resources is also quite clear in his speech—they are keenly on the right path to growth and development. The path earns credence for the important presence of Xi, Modi and Putin!!!

The BRICS countries can contain India. They can outvote India at any turn while evaluating what India says and does, whether it reflects US interests or otherwise.
One day, India will ultimately prove itself to be the pariah nation it has always been.

BRICS must expand for world development peacefully. A better, fairer world!

Guess the key to all this is mutual respect, friendship, and the ability to work together.

Great recap, Lena. Thanks. Sounds like these fellows are careful to stay on the same page for come to the world. Smart folks.

With love to all the BRICS leaders, from the Native Maori People of (Aotearoa) New Zealand.

We in Africa must first work together and trade with ourselves. Once we have done this, we can work and be open to the rest of the world.

Lenochka, a couple of questions – India is not in a rush to expand, the issue they want consensuses. That could you an issue for Russia and China = They both want expansion, and it would benefit them a great deal.
Second, currency, I think it’s less of an issue since they could trade in a country’s currency, but as the bank needs to expand, more members would help, especially Saudi, Indonesia, and Iran.

While BRICS block is strengthening with the admission of new members in Jonennesberg, the US is busy plotting to undermine the block by either enticing nations not to join the block or provoking wars in those nations in order to destabalise them. That is their signature modus operandi

No more raw materials exports from Africa without value-added component production is included !!!

So far the countries have agreed to trade in printed paper called national currencies. Get each printing press ready!

Dear beautiful Lena. Thank you for talking and presenting with such care for the language and the speed. Like a good teacher. I will use you in my english teaching for mozambican students. Then they get good english but also important political content. Also thank you for your distance and cool attitude not giving us many personal opinions. Thank you

According to Putin, he’ll like to see parity rate being realised. But prices or values in exchange differ from country to country. In the final analysis, one strong economy must wield the socalled hated hegemony.


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