BRICS Expansion is a Step Closer to WW3: We’re Moving Into a Very Dangerous Phase – Willem Middelkoop

By Kitco NEWS

Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, interviews Willem Middelkoop, Founder and CIO of the Commodity Discovery Fund, who says the BRICS expansion is the next step in an economic war against the West and takes us a step closer to World War III. Middelkoop discusses the BRICS’ decision to extend formal invitations to six new members and the consequences for the U.S. and the dollar. He also raises the topic of an upcoming reset and the new monetary system centered around gold and commodities.

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I’m an American and so sick of my gov attitude and warmongering. I’m happy other countries have woken up, decided to move in this logical direction without having NATO stealing their money and threatening and/or imposing sanctions every minute (in the case of Russia backfired on all of EU and the US! Gotta love that!)

The only question in my mind is why it took the world so long to deal with the fact that the US was abusing its world reserve currency privilege. Money is supposed to mean something. And yet in DC, they got into the habit of printing trillions whenever they needed it. It had to end at some point.

Countries join BRICS = a step closer to WW3. Countries join NATO = world peace? LMAO

I’m not supprised by the resumption of diplomatic ties between Saudi and Iran. They’re culturally, linguistically similar nations. It’s just the west wanted to keep them apart.

the West’s capacity to underestimate Russia even when they are favourable towards her is unfathomable.
never learn.

BRAVO BRICS! The nations of the world are moving away from the USA, and I wish my country was with them!
Love from the UK.

BRICS only invited those six members including the Saudis after they formally applied to be part of the block. 40 countries showed interest and 20 officially applied including the Saudis. They were formally invited after they formally applied.

Right now, things appear odd. The US dollar is becoming less valuable due to inflation, but it is becoming more valuable when compared to other currencies and commodities such as gold and real estate. People are flocking to the dollar because they believe it is more secure. I’m concerned that rising inflation may cause my $420,000 in retirement savings to devalue. We don’t have any other places to deposit our money.

Great analysis on both sides Michelle and Willem. Thank you for your quality assessment and your time informing your viewers. We are all grateful for your hard work.

The potential reaction from the West could be expanding G7 by adding India and Indonesia into the group, these two countries were also invited to the recent G7 summit in Japan.
Willem also pointed out that, US wants a never ending conflict not only in Africa but also in Eurasia for having more power and I guess countries like France are understanding this, the fact that Macron has recently given anti US statement, saying that we’re not vassal of US, he also showed interest in BRICS meeting which was opposed by Russia. Sooner or later, Europe will also understand this double game of US.
Why global south didn’t joined sanctioning Russia ?
Because Global South knows that US is equally responsible for the conflict in Ukraine, US provoked Ukraine into the war, by eastward expansion of NATO. Russia isn’t innocent but the US is also equally responsible.

Not the BRICS expansion, but the expansion of the NATO military alliance against its promises has brought us a major step closer to World War III.

BRICS seems peaceful! I was impressed by the BRICS Summit. The danger I believe is more that the U.S. government might become offensive if it thinks that the U.S. world dominance is threatened.

If BRICS is going to work well together they have to settle the many issues between China and India. India is trying to play both sides of the fence here too, being a founding member while strengthening ties with the US. They could cause tremendous issues from within for BRICS if they unofficially side with the US.

The BRICS members, old and new, are making an important and bold proposal. That is, to use their respective local currencies, to participate in world trade and commerce.
I must say that a decision like that is very positive.
It democratizes trade and economic development opportunities for all. It however, in order to be logical and feasible, should establish one major condition: that all participants should first, have their own currencies linked to gold and/or to other strong commodities.
If all members agree and comply with such a condition, we will have arrived to a much more modern, strong and viable, international monetary and payments system!!!!!!

I think BRICS is making WW3 less likely, The US will more likely push for WW3 if it knows it will not involve the US homeland and that can only be achieved by getting a consensus from other countries and BRICS kind of puts a dent in that by providing an alternative.

Very good analysis by Willem Middelkoop. I think that BRICS has set the wheels in motion for a new currency and a new payment system that will be more fair and equitable for the world. It’s inevitable that the USA hegemony will come to an end at some stage. I also think that commodities and cryptocurrencies will also start coming to the fore in a new currency and payment system. Fiat money will eventually be replaced by digital currencies sometime in the near future.

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