BRICS Launches New Pharmaceutical Association In South Africa

By Lena Petrova, CPA – Finance, Economics & Tax

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Big Pharma Association is such a great initiative. Congratulations to BRICS for selecting this project as a priority.

Member countries should ensure that running water that supplies safe and pure drinking water. No more bottled water that enriches corporations and impoverishes consumers. No more plastic bottles for drinking water.

This is necessary not just considering health systems in Africa but considering dependencies on US and EU Big Pharma like Pfizer and similar companies and getting rid of such dependencies.

This is quite enlightening. Newcomers must remember that the financial markets are incredibly illogical in the short term. You ought to always be prepared for the unexpected. That is how luck works. I always choose long-term investments because of the market’s inherent risks.

Preoccupation on [ JABS ] should be a bright red flag for the Africans.
Focus on ECONOMIC development / retaining natural resources, vitamin D for the sniffles.
The best choice for SA of joining BRICS for cooperation in developing its country for the well-being & prosperity of its people…..

This will be one other big blow to the western hypocrites imperialistic behaviour by the BRICS NATIONS and I love it.

incredible move.we look forward to the new pharmaceutical association in South Africa.

BRICS seeks to create a new currency, considering gold’s historical role as a store of value and medium of exchange. However, the functionality and acceptance of a gold-backed currency in the current global financial system are uncertain. Creating a new currency requires careful consideration of economic, political, and logistical factors.

Thank you so much for this amazing and helpful information. This is one of the most beautiful and important news for the human life, this is really necessary to provide for a true and health pharmaceutical and medical association!!!

Excellent idea, this is going to be a major blow for the westerners. Prices of medicine will largely drop.Well done Brics.

I agree with your view on BRICS which is a group that aims to prevent the dollar exploiting tbe poorer economies with their exploitative exchange rates and to be independent trading alliancie, in currency other than the dollar. It is Americans which see this as a threat to their economy.

That’s interesting business must continue ! Transference of wealth and the rest follows? Thank you great presentation and content always! You’re well researched !

BRICS pharma sounds like a good idea especially if it’s using natural products, but, after the last 40 months, and China’s involvement, it might be a tough sell!


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