BRICS Summit 2023 LIVE: Ramaphosa Honours China’s Xi Jinping with South Africa’s Highest Honour


India, China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa created the BRICS, one of the world’s most important economic blocs. The summit is taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa. South Africa’s President Ramaphosa honoured Xi Jinping with South Africa’s highest honour ‘Order of South Africa’.

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Selamat untuk africa selatan semoga sukses agenda BRICS disana, salut untuk president Xi jin Ping

Hope this meet will bring ease in standoff between India and China.

Long life to the people of Africa and China!!! Peace to and happiness to the world!!

This is what happens when you do understand what another COUNTRY is just a say. Other countries talk about take and take like the European countries did. Respect is all that Africa countries wanted.

China is the leader and Russia is assistant leader of BRICS. That is why SA president went to welcome president Xi at airport. I don’t think SA president will welcome India PM and Brazil president at airport.

The world will be a better place without America.Look how respectful these leaders are to each other.That can never happen if the greatest bully,I mean America is present.

China president is following our PM Modi ji by getting other countries highest award.

In addition to the arrest warrant for Putin, the ICC should have another for Chinese ???????? Xi, “the Terrible,”
for crimes against humanity of the Uyghurs.

China can’t get enough thanks for lifting over a billion people out of poverty…in 40 year….while that country out west over 200 years have blacks as the poorest. People in their country

My Southeast region has to separate from Brazil, the country only makes us ashamed and alone we have 59% of the GDP, São Vicente Province is my Country ???? Independent Southeast

It’s not a crown or a sword and it looks like nothing a horseman would want. Chinese fentanyl should make the hardest Africain soldiers tame. And keep the hunger pain from making them violent.

Everybody knows what kind of prosperity chinese trade partnership brings to another country…
One would wonder what is South Africa actually celebrating??


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