BRICS Summit 2023 THE BIGGEST YET In History For Resource Rich Countries To Unite

By Lena Petrova, CPA – Finance, Economics & Tax

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The BRICS alliance, representing a significant chunk of the world’s population and GDP, is ushering in a new era in the global financial landscape. Their vision of a multi-polar world and the anticipated introduction of a gold-backed currency challenges the dominance of the US dollar and offers hope for developing nations. For individual investors, this shift presents a prime opportunity for diversification, especially when considering the potential of crypto trading. With expert guidance, navigating the crypto realm can lead to informed decisions and promising returns….Thanks to my mentor Francine Duguay for her guidance on how to trade and be profitable with her trade signal.

All countries in the world should trade and work together with respect. Not exploitation and bullied. The world is changing.

Dear Ms Lena, thanks for your excellent video. The emergence and development of BRICS is very exciting. The collective west, in particular the USA, by its bungled imposition of sanctions, and confiscation of money and assets from several countries, has given this project massive momentum.

Thank you Lena for the video and for giving us a simple breakdown of events and examples. Great Job!!

Great to know that Western arrogance and bullying are finally being addressed by developing countries.

“The colours of the rainbow is so pretty in the sky”
BRICS the 15 summit to be held in South Africa is like an emerging rainbow majestically hovering in the Southern sky. The new forces have arrived to replace the decaying West.

As a South African and African in general I hope this will finally be the start of something special for the future generations to come….Africa Rise and BRICS prosper!!!

The refusal to extend an invitation to France is ‘slap in the face’ response to when France/NATO refused 6 African Heads of State from entering Libya to talk to Gaddafi.

Your short video gives a clear view and succinct summary of the current situation in regards with the BRICS’s development and the reason why the associations’s worldwide successes are not intensely reported by western media.
Compliments pour ce que vous faites et pour ce que vous êtes, Lena.

It’s truly an amazing time in Human History, hopefully the NDB provides the Opportunity for Nations to ‘fairly develop’ and make sure proceeds can be used at home for the benefit of its Citizens.

BRICS over passed the G7 says a lot and only growing bigger from there. With 40 nations interested in joining! Also 22 joining this year.

BRICS currency will not be backed by gold only. BRICS currency anchorage will cover from 1)primary industry: a)energy (oil and nature gas), b)food (wheat, barley, oat, maize…etc), c)rare, essential and precious minerals (rare earth, nickel, gold, silver …etc), and 2)secondary industry: primarily industrial production index covering steel, aluminum …etc). Service or third industry may only contribute a minor weighting if not voided.

Hope they succeed cause here in America the government is turning on it’s people sad I’m American but I don’t know what the hell is happening here.

The summit in SA is mostly symbolic. Much of what will be done had already been communicated between heads of the states. Things are in high gear as I understand it.

There are many confusions about BRICS currency backed by gold, for the coming BRICS summit. Some are saying Brics currency is not on the agenda and will be not announced. India is opposing the BRICS currency and does not want to discuss that subject.


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