BRICSTether, the 100% Asset-Backed Stable Coin, that Pays 10% PA if Held for 12 Months, An Alternative to the USD and USDT, Launches Direct Sales on its Website

By BRICSTether

BRICSTether, the 100% asset-backed Stable Coin, that pays 10% pa if held for 12 months, an alternative to the USD and USDT, launches direct sales on its website.

After a recent announcement, we tested the site and found it one of the easiest ways to purchase crypto, especially with the ability to use a debit card.

BRICSTether is part of the new that launches soon with a focus on the BRICS plus nations, which includes up to 60 other nations now wanting to join the BRICS Alliance.
The struggling G7 and G20 Western Alliance are losing their power base, as many flee the USD and US-dominated systems that have dominated since WW2.

BRICSTether was brought forward to launch sooner, due to the urgent need for more and more citizens and nations to transact urgently outside the USD. The USD has declined in use from over 70% to below 58% as a Global Currency and is expected to drop further even more rapidly.

BRICSTether is guaranteed to be bought back at its pegged price at

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