Global Take Down of the American Empire Shifts Into HIGH GEAR

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

2:27 Commercial Real Estate

4:03 Electric Vehicles

10:05 Financial News

22:31 Breaking News

23:36 Spy Machines

37:41 Interview with Dave Hodges

– Commercial real estate fire sale has begun as one building sells for nearly 64% discount

– Ford slashes prices of its failed F-150 EV truck, while Tesla rolls out its ugly Cybertruck

– Nigel Farage deplatformed from UK bank for being friendly to Trump

– A warning about all financial services and platforms: Your access will be FROZEN if you oppose the trans cult or #climate cult

– Leaving TradFi is the only way to control your assets

– Self-custody (and self-control) means #gold, #silver and #crypto

– Feds seize mobile phones of former Trump advisors

– Why you need a #degoogled phone for #privacy

– Best practices for private digital messaging

– Don’t buy and install SPY DEVICES in your home (Ring, Nest, Alexa, Roomba, etc.)

– Full interview with Dave Hodges of The Commonsense Show, covering China, BRICS nations, de-dollarization

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Michael Anenberg
In 2016, when Trump won the election, Madonna said, “I’m thinking about blowing up the White House.” How come she wasn’t arrested for saying such a thing?

Jo Ann Louise Jones
As far as buying crypto…a private one, I am looking into now. However, I am retired and my income is automatic deposits into my bank account. I have a local city govt pension and federal social security. Is it possible to have those digital deposits sent to my wallet directly when I establish my crypto account ? I will probably have to keep my bank account, which I really do not want to do. I do have silver, gold and copper as an investment and for bartering, but it appears that I am just out of luck regarding my city and federal govt income. Need help here.

Bill Phillips
F-150 has uses. Burns gas, gets in the way, blocks your view, irritates other drivers, etc.


I totally disagree with Mike Adams & Dave Hodges. If China does mount an invasion of the United States they are going to target the so called “Break-Away Civilization” with there advanced re-engineered alien technology. Hodges makes the claim that the “Space Force” is technologically superior to anything that the Chinese or Russians have. With that said it would make strategic sense to go after the Break Away civilization located in underground locations throughout the United States. Access to such technology would put the Chinese on an equal footing with the Space Force technology.
The big question that has to be asked is the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) willing to loose all that advanced technology to a Chinese invasion force. I DON’T THINK SO!

yoitsme dude
Fifty-two countries on verge of debt default? So fix the dollar India is trying to fix theirs?

I’ve been thinking about the “privacy” advantage in purchasing goods you discuss using Monero or Epic and other privacy coins versus Bitcoin and what I see as an important potential security problem with that privacy. It occurs when the purchased items are SHIPPED. How do you prevent the deep/police/surveillance state from investigating and analyzing the records of SELLERS of GOODS and seeing the prices and SHIPPING ADDRESS of payment. If the payment amount and buyer’s name are hidden (by a privacy coin transaction) then that transaction gets flagged and the seller questioned about the cost of the items shipped to the shipping address. The shipping address is likely associated with the buyer’s name in some database (unless it’s a James Bond sort of thing going to randomly changing P.O. Boxes or locations)…. All I’m saying is thata whatever process the state needs to do to complete their surveillance can possibly be done at the seller of goods step in the transaction. Am I missing something?

What about a flip phone? Some folks I know say that having a flip phone solves the privacy issues. Is a flip phone really that secure?

I have a 2007 FJ Cruiser made from Toyota – my first Toyota.. it is a great vehicle and I have been told that it still holds it’s value by 98%… the dealership still reaches out and said there are customers that want to buy it – hahah – I gave away my previous vehicle – a chevrolet tracker after 19 years – it was perfect too… but was tired of the stick shift.. only replaced the muffler after 19 years…

Missouri Free Press
No Dave we do not have hundreds of thousands of dead because of the cartel as you state….
those people are dead because people like YOU have supported the illegitimate “war on drugs”.
Set up by and for the globalists — and you support the globalists in their “war on drugs”, war on our God given rights, effort.
You are dangerously ignorant of reality, natural law, and my liberty.

Going bankless is the way! While you can’t technically be “debanked” from Bitcoin, your Bitcoin wallet can be blacklisted. & there is such a thing as “tainted” Bitcoin. So there’s that. Monero is by far the superior option for digital transactions. Especially using a wallet like Cake Wallet where you can pay in US dollars via gift cards for over 100 vendors across the US. They will deploy this option worldwide soon, as well.
Great reminder on making sure we’re keeping good opsec hygiene. It’s crucial in this digital spy age.
Very insightful guest interview.

Suzanne Rice
I think a lot of people would actually sign up for a CBDC, especially young people. BUT, if they require a chip in the hand or forehead, I think Christians will wake up and reject it. I think that will be a lightbulb moment, hopefully a glaring spotlight moment, for Christians who will see that it is the mark of the beast and reject it.

Klaus Barbie
One of the reasons that the Roman Empire fell within a year was that the so called barbarians (i.e. illegal aliens) blew up the pipelines. In remote unguarded areas they destroyed the gravity fed aqueducts cutting off the water supply to the cities. Today it will be the grid that goes down pumping the water. The result is the same. It was a thousand years through the dark ages before civilization recovered. The United States is the revised Roman Empire and it is reeling from the same exact problems that they went through. Corrupt politicians, devalued currency, wars with long supply lines, moral decay, famine, disease, etc.
We are going to collapse again and this time we may not survive. Our cities may be burned out ruins for a thousand years again.


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