The US Government, Which Outsources the Printing of Money that’s Made Out of Thin Air, to a Bunch of Private élite Globalists Bankers, Seem Jealous That “We the People are Taking Our Power Back and Making Money Out of Thin Air for the People”

By BRICSTether

The US Government, which outsources the printing of money that’s made out of thin air, to a bunch of private elite Globalists bankers, seems jealous that “We the people are taking our power back and making money out of thin air for the people”.

Maybe the elites need a lesson in money. It belongs to the people, not a bunch of elite greedy Globalists that steal democracies, and our wealth, & don’t answer to the people.

That’s why BRICSTether was happy to create a Global currency outside these elite bankers, that is backed by 100% in real assets, not bank money backed by 0% in assets, & has printed the USD to oblivion.

Choose wisely who you support.

The greedy Globalists bankers and their corrupt politicians, or those nations standing up to them.

The BRICS, & the 19 nations soon join, which will soon represent the large majority of the world.
Working for a multipolar world, not a Uni polar one world, Government agenda.
Be a part of history.
Join the BRICS revolution, has arrived.

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