Mass PANIC and Capital Flight Away From the US Banking Sector, May Force the US Government to FREEZE American Bank Withdrawals

By BRICSTether

Mass PANIC and capital flight away from the US banking sector may force the US government to FREEZE American Bank Withdrawals.

Back your assets with something tangible.

Protect your savings by investing in GOLD and silver, debt-free real estate, and asset-backed crypto.

BRICSTether has recently launched, an alternative to the USDT and USD, a 100% asset-backed stablecoin, which is paying 10% pa if held for 12 months, or 5% pa if held for 90 days.
For many, it couldn’t come sooner enough, as many flee the US and Western banking system before it collapses, or before the banks block depositors taking their money, or cash out, and switch it to the planned worthless CBDC, which will trace and track and control every expenditure you make.
De-bank yourself now, and get most of your money out of the Western Banks, before they take your money.

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